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Practical information

formalitesPlease remember that a valid passport is required and must be valid for at least three months from the date of entry into Morocco. Unfortunately, many travelers with a simple identity card will still make each year repress.

dhThe Moroccan currency is the dirham (Dh). Currently, we can consider that € 1 is worth about 11 dh .
It is always possible to pay in euros … but the exchange rate is far from guaranteed!

changeIn large cities there are many banks and exchange offices, plus vending machines (withdrawal dirhams with the map Visa or Mastercard with a variable fee of around 2%, completed with a fixed part of 3.50 to 5 €, debited from your bank account).

ScheduleThe Morocco lives in the time U.T.(Universal Time) . In principle, when it is 12h00 in France, it is 10 am in Morocco in summer and 11 h in winter.

img16 RAID EVASION can, as part of its service to provide you with a helmet-type Jet, cotton coveralls, gloves, goggles clear lenses.
In the raid, RAID EVASION will provide a sports bag upon arrival; remain in your suitcase luggage storage at the Marrakech Hotel.
For your comfort, we advise you to bring :img15
T-shirts /pants like Jean/Pants lightweight canvas /Short /Swimwear
kind hiking shoes or sneakers

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Warm Clothing arctic (seasonal)
  • Rain suit (depending on season)
  • Camera
  • A personal kit + prescription drugs if you follow a special treatment

hotel RAID EVASION will guide you in restaurants, inns, hotels, riads, boutique Ksar or bivouacs, all carefully chosen for the quality of their products and their benefits.

busRAID EVASION welcomes you to Marrakech Menara AIRPORT, TRANSFER and then to your hotel.
The next morning, transfer hotel/base from which to receive your vehicle (grip, briefing, …)

  • minibus transfer A/R airport/hotel and hotel/starting point(located 15 km from Marrakech)
  • SSV Buggy Rental your Yamaha Wolverine 710 cc
  • Fuel
  • Full board from dinner on the 1 st day at breakfast the last day
  • Night ½ Double Room
  • Hotel and restaurant quality (hotel 4 or 5 *) and / or riad, ksar, a charming inn or camping in the landscaped dunes (bed with sheets and blankets, sanitary shower / toilet, …)
  • Mineral water during the time of the raid
  • Guide / Framing / Mechanical assistance
  • Ready equipment (Jet helmet, goggles, gloves, overalls)
  • 1 sports bag for each participant
  • Liability Insurance Buggy SSV
  • avionAir transport
  • Wines, Álcoois, soldas
  • Single supplement
  • Your personal insurance repatriation (required)
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Damage to the rented vehicle or due to mishandling

assurancesA successful raid, is first to plan ahead. Also, we draw your attention to any problems that may be encountered away from home, and more particularly abroad.
Therefore, it is mandatory to give us a Proof of your Insurance Company stating your insurance risks, particularly in terms of Repatriation and Assistance Insurance (see your Vehicle Assistance Warranty, Carte Bleue, …)

  • passeportYour passport
  • Your B driving license
  • Your Credit Card: imprint for the deposit of the vehicle
  • Your Assistance Repatriation Insurance Certificate